Friday, November 9, 2007


I needed to come up with a tag that must be worn at all times by persons entering our school. So this is what I did. Look ok or too much?

The ones they had just had the words Volunteer or Visitor with a tiger head clip art. So this is going to be WAAAYYY more fancy than they have ever had. So is it going to be a shock or a welcome relief? Be honest. I can always go back to the clip art tiger head! LOL


Krystal Hartley said...

I think they rock...but would your husband wear one? I think Michael would give me a hard time. :)

Shelley Moore said...

They are too cool! I like them and don't think you should change anything!

But, maybe you could add a tiger paw print or something to make the men feel better, LOL!

ashli wolf said...

these are THE cutesT!!! I love them...I think that St. Mary's needs some...hmmmmmmmmmm...I am inspired..funny how EVERYTHING you do inspires me! You are AWESOME girlfriend!!!!

love ya girlfriend...ash

Jan said...

Those are awesome!!!!!