Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, family, & visitors. I wish you all a blessed day with lots of love and memories. I can't wait to head out the door at noon. I am not eating breakfast today to save room!

I have a special SALE to share...You guys have seen me post a few things that were not KRYSTAL HARTLEY and those have usually been by Shandy Vogt. Well, she is offering up a huge SALE... you can buy her WHOLE store for only $29.95!! NO JOKE!! I just did it! (Happy Birthday to me) You will have 30 days to download as much as you can from her store. And like I said, next to my HERO, she is about the only other one I stalk.

I don't know if you would mind me posting this one but I figure its a safe bet that she won't care. So until she tells me NO, here you go!!


Shelley Moore said...

Rach, I hope you have a fabulous Turkey Day! I'm sending you lots of XOXOXO!!!

Shell said...

Happy T Day - lets stuff ourselves!