Sunday, March 8, 2009

Expecting using KH again

Ummm yeah...Notice the date. I can NOT have more so don't even ask me if I am having more. The answer is NO!!! I was going thru old pictures today and found this. This is a very dear friend of mine. She was my Dental Hygiene Assistant and we were both Prego at the same time. Our kids are now dear friends. I went to school with her DH also. So there is long history there! Just found out that Will and Ali will not be in the same grade next year but I am sure that will not stop their friendship from growing. I adore this woman and I am honored to call her my friend. She is also my Vice President of the Parent Group too. Yep...I forced her into it! heehee Wouldn't want to attempt it without her! She's a nice solid rock for me! Love ya Jackie Girl!!
Credits: Krystal Hartley Collab-Maternal Instinct available at FPD.

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Amy Jo said...

Love your new header!