Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life's moments shared

well, I am ready for Spring. I am so ready to move forward with Life in general. I can't let the bad stuff consume my every thoughts. I was just sitting here at the table thinking about life in general and I decided to open up photo shop and this is what happened.

I used the Ettes and Company for the top layout and mostly Sine's stuff on the bottom one. It was from ScrapOrchards blog train earlier in the week. I am ready for change.

We got some bad news with my MIL and I am not really sure I can process it all right now. It is so frustrating to me that we have to go thru all this crap again. It brings up a lot of rotten memories from my Grandpa too. It scared me to think that another person I love almost as much as life itself has cancer now too. I truly wish I could fix the world and make it so NO ONE ever has to go thru it.

So I need your continued prayers for my MIL and my Step Mom. Both are battling breast cancer and need all the prayers they can get from across the globe.


Benita said...

I will pray for both, and you know
that i understand what you feel.
Sending lots of strength, love
and hugs your way.

Jan said...

Praying for them!! Please pray for my aunt and cousin too. I can relate to the feeling of everyone around you... it seems everyone around me is suffering something. The world needs our prayers.

Big hugs!