Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day

Well its the middle of the week but sure felt like a Monday to me today! LOL Other than the fact that I wasn't at work. (TG)

I worked at the school all day today to help out while MIL was out. Ate lunch with the boys at school too. It's good to have that special time with them one on one sometimes. We had some major thunder roll through today but not too much in the line of rain yet. Looks horrid outside though so I am sure it's coming.

I have been working on a few layouts for Friday release date. Kristin Aagard had the cutest Gotta Grab It pieces coming to GottaPixel and Krystal Hartley had done another collab with a Wild West theme to it. Both kits are totally different but I love them both. I am so excited for you to see Kristin new "kit". I say kit but it will be available in pieces for the normal Gotta Grab It stuff.

I am loving my CT's right now. Gosh I am so lucky to be where I am currently. many great things to be thankful for. Oh....I know something sister called me last night. She is pretty sure she found a place to hold her wedding. (pinch me) I Still am in SHOCK that my sister is getting married. Seriously...NEVER did I think it would happen! LOL We are constantly talking about Wedding things together. I love it! Now...need to hit the gym hard! lol

Anyone have any plans for this weekend? I don't really. Josh has a show sat. but we will just be 'hangin out' at home while he's gone doing his thing. It's nice to have that extra money coming in right now again. With the economy being what it is...he has slowed to a stop with shows lately. But then out of no where he has had a few each weekend.

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Amy Jo said...

I'm glad you are having a better day today! Oops, I guess this was yesterday's post. Anyway....

We talked last night and next week we are going to put our deposit down on the venue for the wedding. It's been crazy...I've been doing a lot of wedding "planning" but this is different. After I put the deposit down that's backing out! LOL

And if I haven't said it lately...thanks for all your help!

Don't tell anyone this, but there are days when even I'm SHOCKED that I'm getting married....who would have thunk it!!