Sunday, March 22, 2009

Funny, Strange, yet still funny

So very rarely will I look at my feed to see who visits my tiny little blog...but for whatever reason, I did just now. And I saw that someone from Canada from a blog called craftlikemad was here and it was a direct hit. I was intrigued so I went looking. Her name is Maddy and she has a ton of designers listed on her blogroll. From really big names to names I didn't know. But all designers. So then there was me?! ME? Why? I have no clue who this person is other than the fact that she loves to craft! HUGE PLUS in my book! LOL but I was listed there?! LOL So I went thru her very very long list of blogs and they were all designers of some sort. I just had to chuckle about it. So if you are reading this Maddy, THANKS! It was very kind of you to have me listed on your blog roll but I am sure there has to be a mistake! I am NOT a designer. And don't ever see it happening! LOL I'm a creator/crafter but nothing more. well, a tad crazy too! Just had to share that little funny.


Shell said...

scuse me Ma'am - but stop if you don't stop putting yourself down as *just a crafter* I will come out there and smack your bum!

You are very talented and could easily be a designer.

So there!

RealRach said...

Shell...I can't even imagine designing. I don't have the first clue about how to do any of that stuff. I just make layouts. And I will only make them if they are to go in my own book. Otherwise, forget it. It's a waste of my time! So if designers don't like what I do, it's time to move on for me! LOL


Kristin said...

Well did you ever consider that she just likes to come and look at your pretty pages? I used to come stalk you before you became my cyber sister you know. Hee hee.

Oooooh, ps, that chrome alpha in your header is extremely cool. Love that!

Susan Catmull said...

Rach you are one of the best Creator/crafters I know and should be on everyones blog roll. You are awesome and don't you forget it.

Maddy said...

Well... I am so glad that my little blog brought a smile to your face... LOL! I am a blog lurker of sorts... I like all elements of design... be it the art of actually creating objects (ie. paper and elements when it comes to Digiscrapping for example).. But I also enjoy seeing how people design pages based on certain kits... if I like their "style"... I add them to my little blog roll to come back for inspiration.. so ... there you have it... You say you NOT a designer.. but you are... you take a whole bunch of items and assemble them into beautiful and inspiring pages... so... Scrap on Sister! LOL... Scrap on!!!