Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rough news

I just got some rotten news today that really pulls at my heart strings. My MIL, who is like a best friend for me, just dicovered she has a form of breast cancer. So that's two of my parents in the last month. My StepMom and now my MIL. Why?
I am just praying they both have excellent outcomes and I refuse to let it get me down. We will fight the battle and win! I know it.

So if you have it in you, say a couple prayers for them. Pam and Maggie are their names. Keep them in your thoughts as they move through this difficult time towards a full recovery.


Shaw229 said...

Rach, Sorry to hear about Pam. She is my prayers. Mom

Shell said...

ok that is rough Rach *hugs*... thinking good thoughts for them both

Shelley Moore said...

Oh Rach... I'll add them to the list those in my heart that I'll be walking for in October!

Jan said...

I will be praying!!!! We found out my aunt and my cousin (her daughter) both also have cancer. It's been an emotional few months. I can completely understand what you're feeling. Sending hugs!!!