Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Just a quick note of LUCK.
My life is spinning out of control this week it seems and I have no way to stop it.
So any extra luck you all have to give is gladly accepted here!

I say that it is time for to a total life overhaul. I need to evaluate my priorities and evaluate whom I consider 'friends'. I put a lot of trust into my friendships. And I give it back in the same fashion. I have one situation right now that is just baffling me. And it breaks my heart. I truly thought I was a better judge of character than this too. So I will be very careful with my words around them from this moment forward.

This is all real life stuff...not online issues! LOL Why is that my online friends are better to me than my real life ones?? Am I that rotten of a human that I deserve to be treated so bad to my face or technically behind my back if you want the real truth of the matter. Grr... I am not perfect by any means I can't remember a time when I EVER claimed to be. I am usually the first one to give up my faults and shortcomings. But if I tell you something in confidence, it is to remain that way. You do not use that information for your own gain. That is NOT FRIENDSHIP. That is dishonesty. Lying. Betrayal. Call it what you want but the end result is PAINFUL. Thanks for nothing.
Lucky me to have such great friends.
but yet, Lucky me to have such wonderful friends who really do support me and believe in me. Thank you to those who do! You know who you are!


Shell said...

big hugs Rachie Rach.

Whoever the biznatch is - fling them out of your life - and don't let them back in for anything... well unless its me *LOL*

Life is too bloody short to have people like that around - I learned that the hard way a few years back - but by god - my life has been 1000 times better as a result!

Amy Jo said...

Shell said it....LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Do not ever let anyone get the better of you and do not ever even consider stooping to their level. I'm sorry all of this is happening to you, but just remember that you are one of the most amazing people I know (and not just because you are my sister) and people should consider themselves "lucky" to have you in their lives. If they don't see that then let them go! Keep your chin up....good times are right around the corner. Love you

Susan Catmull said...

You go girl. Live it like you mean it. You are awesome and don't let anyone bring you down. Sending lotsa love your way.

Kristin said...

Aw sweetie! I'm so sorry that someone is obviously treating you badly! You deserve better than that!

I'm sending you hugs and loves. And I'm sending mean person a stern finger shaking and a serious helping of dirty look!

MWAH! You are loved. Even if it's online. :)