Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 ladies dancing...

More like ONE LADY RUNNING! I just finished up the last of my school projects/gifts for the kids in the boys classrooms. Yes, I'm that nice! I do it every year. This year my oldest has 28 in his class though...ouch on the wallet. But hey it's the last time I will get to do this for him. He leaves Elementary this year remember! Took pictures of them all stacked up. Will post it later.

Off to town to get one last gift for the Adopt a Student program. We were asked to take the donation that was given and just shop. Heck, yes we will take someone elses money and shop for someone! How fun!!! This one is 17 and we are super excited that we can help out a teenager. They need it more than anyone. Gotta show them that Santa is REAL! We believe and I hope they will too! It's great how life works sometimes. Pay it forward that's my motto!

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Amy Jo said...

I must get my big heart from you!! Love ya!