Saturday, December 5, 2009

Travel Mugs- Hybrid

So I found these adorable travel mugs at the dollar store a few weeks ago. I knew I wanted to do them up for my little nephews but wasn't sure what theme. I sat and went through my kits and hit me. Kristin Aagard's Camp Out kit would be perfect for two little boys. So gave way to these:

They are A DOOR A BULL! I have two other boys around here that now think they need one also! LOL Figures! Anywho...if you are out and see them, pick them up. I created a template for them and I am willing to share it. It has a flaw in one corner that I didn't notice until I printed it but it so minor you'd never know. I'd fix but I am way to lazy! LOL


Shaw229 said...

Rach...These are adorable. Is the one in the pic Zayden's? Love them...Mom

RealRach said...

Yep, Mom! And one for Jackson. Josh is supposed to be out looking for more for me. My Boys want some too now! And I have a girl at the school I would love to do one for.