Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Pics

So here's what the wind did to our trampoline. It was propped up over the swing set. Not the best idea (thanks anyways, Josh!) I said it wouldn't work!

This was out the front door at 11pm Tues

Our new TV in front of the old one. HUGE difference in size! LOL
This is for Shell...Thank you. Not sure the shirt is very becoming now. I look 9 months pregnant in it?! Oh great...It is really cute in person! LOL Josh just doesn't know how to take pics!


Shell said...

Love the shirt!! You do not look preggo!

But boy can you tell you have lost the weight girl - especially can tell in the face !!! you look great :-D

Amy Jo said...

I agree with Shell....You can definitely tell by your face you've lost a ton of weight! Not that you weren't gorgeous before though dear sister :)

I wish I would have thought to take pics of the snow this morning. We got about 6-8 inches and other 5-9 inches coming today....I hate winter!!!