Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Morning

Well, I'm home alone on a Sunday Morning. Most people would love that but I hate. It's far too quiet for my liking. Need some Holiday Music! I have been making things like crazy the past couple of days. Kristin Aagard and her CT are going to be doing a little give away on her blog soon. Don't go out and buy a ton of tags for gifts is all I am saying! I did up 4 yesterday and they are sooo cute and fun. I think I missed my calling! LOL hahaha I love doing stuff like that!

I helped with a gift for the Football Coaches too. And I finally saw the finished product and man, it turned out awesome!! Good Job Cousin Wendy! Your idea was great and I love how it turned out. I was told by the Wife of one that he knew it had Rachel written all over it! LOL He knows me so well! hahahaha I have it on good measure that he was extremely touched by the gift. It now graces the walls of his work office!

WW is still happening, folks!! I am down 29 pounds and it pleases me. I have been a little more RELAXED this month with all the goodies. But still counting. I just won't NOT eat something this time of year. But I will, keep it in check. One bite is usually enough. Before it would have been a whole piece and probably 2 or 3. So I figure that one small bite or even half of serving is fine. It's called life and I have to live it too! I refuse to be one of those people who freak out about things and tell you shouldn't be eating that or worse..."do you know how many calories that is?" yes, I do, thank you very much! Munch munch munch! LOL

My Dear Friend Shell is Half a world away right now visiting her homeland. And funny, even though I never "see" her. I miss her. I feel like part of my support system is missing! LOL I need to get around and meet with Bev too. I'm missing her big time. There are a few people who I just need to see around the holidays. Keeps me happy. Amy K...I know we don't get together but once a year but I am looking forward to seeing you in the new year. So even if the RDH reunion doesn't work out...let's still meet up for a day of shopping in Lansing or whatever.

Ok...I've rambled on enough. I need to get working on the yearbook. But I have Zero Drive for that right now. I think I might just back burner it until the new year and then come out like gang busters then. I really want this holiday season to be relaxed and I want to ENJOY it for what it was meant for. Shopping is mostly done. Just have a couple of gifts for the Ireland Name Drawing to get. But we have to DRAW FIRST! LOL I have a nice little surprise up my sleeve for one special friend too. I can't wait to see their face when they see it! I love that I am skilled enough to create some great gifts! Makes it so much more enjoyable than buying something! And I think it is appreciated far more too. Just wish the shipping time was faster! Hurry MyPicTales! Hurry!


Izzy said...

WTG on the WW, you've got the right idea, little bites not the whole shebang! Good for you :)

Shell said...

NOOOO lolly cake is not fruit cake - it has lollies in it!!

Kids love it

and adults!!

and it is so not calorie free!