Friday, June 20, 2008

Heading to the zoo

I am heading out to the zoo today with a girlfriend and her daughter. Can't wait! I love the zoo. The kids are pumped too. We packed our cooler and will have a picnic too! I love being a member of our zoo. Such a great value. It's $65/year or $10/adult, $7/child. So two visits is all it takes to 'pay' for the membership. We go probably 3 or 4 times a year. And I still see things that I didn't before.

So I need to find a zoo kit that 'speaks' to me!! Any of my designer friends wanna tackle that one?! I promise I will provide layouts for you!!

Going to the zoo zoo zoo how about you you you? You can come too too too we're going to the zoo zoo zoo! Look at the crocodiles swimming in the water, Swimming in the water, swimming in the water! Look at the crocodiles swimming in the water, we can stay all day!
don't you just love raffi songs! You have to listen to this song if you have never heard it. He's awesome!


AnneMarie said...

let me know when you find paper... lol! I have a zoo membership and I LOVE going too! lol! I can't wait to go tomorrow!! We are taking one of the girls' best friends and making a day of it!!

Betsey Terry said...

How funny, we used to play those raffi songs in our stores..and when we'd call the store for something it would get stuck in our heads!! But the good news is..i wanted to buy it for my even though the song is fully stuck in my head..i can now buy it for Tripp!