Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Christmas Tree event every year I love to have my tree up for my birthday. It's just something I love to do since I never could as a child. Well having the DH that I do, he always makes sure that happens for me. So he goes down last night and brought it up from the basement. We put it together, plugged in all the pieces (prelit) and bam...every other set lights. UGH...I forgot last year something happened and we lost a few strands of lights. So we spend a few hours fiddling with it and come to the conclusion that we need to take OFF the lights. And we will just put our own lights on it now. (cheaper than buying a new tree)

So our goal today is to get the lights on it and get it decorated. It's a long process to decorate our tree. We have to reflect on each ornanment as we put it up. The kids all have to get their memories out and then we have to put the boxes back. Just a tad OCD about my stuff. I have all the original boxes and packagings. And everything MUST be put back the proper way or else.

So I will let you know how the day progresses. It's Zander's turn to put the star on the tree this year. Even years- Zander. Odd years-Will. Off to wrap the lights and bring up the many many boxes of ornaments!


Shell said...

I agree that tree decorating has to be a process! I love it! We go out in the morning and cut our own tree... then we all go out to lunch - with the tree on the top of the car *LOL* - then comes the task of decorating.

We all always place one ornament on - for a photo op - then Mike does most of it - cos he ROCKS when it comes to decorating the tree. It looks so perfect when he is done... like a store one - I think he missed his calling *lol*

adding here - for the same reason - he always packs for travelling - and does most of the present wrapping... it is an art form when he is finished!

Have fun today!

amy jo said...

I'm so jealous....I normally put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving but this year it will have to wait until I'm moved into the new house. I guess I'll just have to leave it up longer this year to get the full enjoyment.