Friday, November 21, 2008

Sad day ahead

Tomorrow/today since it's almost 1am...
is going to be a sad day in Zander's classroom. Their student teachers last day is today. Zander just adores this man to death. And I personally think he's awesome, myself. He's so wonderful with the kids. Not to take anything away from his regular teacher. She's wonderful too. But I can promise you that there will tears shed tomorrow. And I have been an emotional basket case for the past few days anyways. So I am going to pack some tissues for sure. We are going to have a little going away/good luck party for him in the afternoon.

I have to remember to take my camera. I will need to get a photo of the kids with him for sure. Especially my son and him. How did I get so lucky to have both of my kids adore school! Zander got all A's yet again. He has yet to have anything but. I am worried about the time when he gets his first NON A grade. He tells me each time...I will always have all A's. I pray you do, buddy, I pray you do! BUT...If you don't, I will love just the same as yesterday! And William's report card was super as well. He's reading well still and loves math. He will sit for hours with this dry erase board and work on Multiplication/Division. I have no clue where this love of math comes from...I hate and I suck at it. So trying to explain times tables to a 6 year old was not my strong point. BUT....I must have done it well enough because he sits there and does them, correctly!
Can't say that I know a lot of first graders who work on math for fun!

Yep, I'm bragging and yep, I have the smartest kids this side of the Mississippi! How blessed am I? I mean really! Night!


amy jo said...

I would have to agree that you have the smartest kids....they must take after their Aunt Amy Jo...hehe

Shell said...

umm could I borrow Will for a while.. maybe he could teach me some math - cos I suck the big one at it -I am probably kindy level *LOL*

Kristin said...

So how did Zander handle it? Was he super sad? :(