Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy 40th Amy K.

Today is my BFF's 40th Birthday. She is probably in Cancun right now soaking up the sun with her DH. He was taking her there. Witch...err...I mean WISH I was going too. So I used Nikki Painters newest kit-Luv my girlz to show her how much I love her. This was from our last girls weekend event to Ikea. Seriously folks, I love this lady as much as I do my own family. I would do anything for her and I know she would do the same for me. How lucky can a girl be to have such a friendship. I just wish she didn't live over 3 hours from me. But then again...look at all my other TRUE FRIENDS...they either live thousand of miles from me or half way around the world. It's so weird to me that I call someone I have never met in person before a TRUE FRIEND. But in todays world, its highly possible.
So to those who are my True Friends, You know who you are, THANK YOU! I can't even begin to imagine life without you. I am just sad that I will probably not see some of you ever again. But that will never ever change my love for you!

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