Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mr. Muehlfeld's last day

It was a cool day. We had all the kids sit in a circle on the floor and we played God Bless America (inside joke on that one) and then all the kids did the wave as he came in! It was funny. So we tried to keep it as upbeat as we could. Plus he is doing a Maternity leave for another teacher in a couple of weeks or less so its not like they won't see him any more at all. There were tears shed but Zander did great. He told me later that he almost cried outside when they were coming in. He goes out to recess with them too. See why we love this teacher. I can't even begin to explain our feelings for this teacher. He just has way about him that makes the children respect him to no end. And I feel the same about the current teacher in the class. She is freaking awesome. We have yet to have a teacher that doesn't touch us to the core. And that is how it should be. So for all you teachers out there...please know you matter.

I have had a less than happy week personally. I am really struggling with an issue in my life that I am not sure how to handle. I will just be still and pray. The answer will come to me. I am really stressed out with this whole President position. I am not enjoying it right now. I feel like no matter what I do, or say, it isn't the right thing. I put my heart and soul into everything I do. Its just how I work. But when I do that and have some not so positive comments said, it really hurts my feelings. I know I need to learn to take the good and the bad but its hard for me to do. I want everyone to be happy and when I feel like they aren't, it breaks my heart. So see, I don't make a good leader. I am go getter, yes, but not a leader. I don't have the right personality for it. I know that now. So I won't be doing this next year. I'm a people pleaser not a leader.

I do want to share my next project/fundraiser though. Here is what we are currently selling for our Parent Group. These items can be shipped for additional $7/item. They are gorgeous! Enjoy!

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amy jo said...

I bought the wreath...I'm so excited to see it in person. Great prices and great idea to add the option to ship. Way to go Rach!