Friday, November 7, 2008

Teacher BDays

I was asked to create some flyers to hang up in the teachers lounge with the birthdays of the teachers/workers for each month. So I did! I used templates by Sine of ScrapOrchard and Krystal Hartley kits. Some are collabs with other designs too. Theres something there by GingersScraps too. If you really want to know about specific month and the stuff me or ask me in the comment sections. There is stuff there from Libby Weifenbach, Zoe Pearn, Jennifer Barrette, Corina Neilson, Faith Sisters Collab. Again if you want to know something specific just ask!


Susan Catmull said...

Love those flyers. Great way to recognize the teachers.

Jan said...

That is lovely!!!!!! I'm sure they love them!