Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just some ramblings

So I got an email that my GINGER layout using Sine's Templates and Amy Sumrall's kit is going to be featured as Layout of the Day (LOFD) or Gallery Stand Out (GSO). WAHOO! But I can't take all the credit since I just put it together. So go tell those ladies THANK YOU for the wonderful products they put out for us to enjoy and play with as we like.

Let's see...what else...oh yeah.. Against my better judgement, I started a FaceBook Account. (Insert a sarcastic: THANK YOU SHELL) I have no clue what I am doing there, why I need one, or if I even want it. I mean, my blog is my baby. This is my 'go to' place for keeping my family, friends "in the know" about my oh so boring life. I feel like I am double dipping into my time by having an account. So don't expect me to post there. I just don't like change. I am comfortable here in Blogger land.

So I got a little card in the mail from said enabler above and inside was a little magnetic R for my fridge. I was tickled pink to get that happy day gift. Seriously, how blessed am I to have such great friends? TOTALLY BLESSED FOR SURE! I am secretly working on saving money for a trip to the state of California. But I can't tell her or she will get her hopes up and it might not happen. So if you happen to talk to 'the enabler' please don't mention my intentions. My goal is to get myself and Zander there. I think it would be so cool to get him to LEGO land too. Not sure how far LegoLand is from a town called San Jose? Need to google it, I guess.

I'm also happy to report that DH job situation is slowing working out for the better. Can't give much more details on this yet but just know that we are going to be ok! God does answer Prayers! THANK YOU!

So my BFF, Amy K., was gone to Cancun for her 40th Bday and I have YET to hear from her. So if you see this AMY....email or call me. OR ELSE...public threat should make her call me, eh?!

My Sister Amy Jo has been "buying a house" or so she tells me, for the last 5 weeks. I am starting to think she was only dreaming this. So if you could send her some good vibes for a closing date, I am sure she would really appreciate it.

My FIL had his knee replaced yesterday. Went well but....he let the pain get out of control and now his is MISERABLE. So yet again...needing Prayers for his speedy recovery. He's my rock so I need to him get better soon. This man is amazing. He has an opinion on everything and I love that. He adores his family to death and would do anything to help them. So I want him to know he loved. Feel better soon, Dad.

Going to my Mom's and Josh's Grandma Pat's for Thanksgiving. Can't wait! I LOVE THANKSGIVING. It's my favorite holiday. I was born on that day some, oh, soon to be, 38 years ago! My mom never lets me forget it either when we have our dinner. I have asked for Strawberry cake this year for my b-day. I hope they put chocolate frosting on it though. Guess I should have told them that, huh? Amy Jo...did you see this?! CHOCOLATE FROSTING PLEASE!

So are you all caught up on my life?! If you read this far, you must really love me! And for that, I THANK YOU! Need all the love I can get!


Susan Catmull said...

Love hearing what your up to beside the scrapping. Have a great week.

Wendy said...

We do all love you lots, glad you rambled, when hardly get to see words from you. I may be going to CA. this summer, but don't tell!!

Prayers for your FIL, glad to hear about your DH situation going well.


Shell said...

like the others, so glad to read your catch up post. you hardly ever post like this anymore!!

while we love the layouts - I miss reading about you and your life!

and facebook is more about having some fun and catching up with people you lost touch with!

Jan said...

Nice to read your ramblings!!! : )

I've missed reading about what's going on with ya!!

amy jo said...

First things first....I will make sure we have CHOCOLATE frosting for your birthday cake :) And thank you for the good vibes on the house. If we don't get a closing date soon I'm going to lose my mind. Congrats on the LOFD, you are awesome! Love you.

Beth Swann said...

Happy early birthday, Rachel! Ditto on the Facebook thing. And Legoland is about 7.5 hours from San Jose. Depending on when you come, I'd love to meet you for lunch somewhere on I5 so it's not out of your way if you drive.